It's time for The Megaloop Challenge

From now until November 2, the worlds best kiteloopers will be waiting for condition like this to his the Netherlands - for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge.
Up in the Northern Hemisphere it's Mega Loop season, and with one of the biggest storm seasons on record being forecasted due to the El Ni?o, rider are promised the best competition yet at the Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge.

Only eight riders were invited to participate in the Dutch version of the Red Bull King of the Air, and 8 slots were left open to rookie wildcards who would be selected by the Mega Loop Challenge team. Held in Vandvoort, a coastal town only half an hours drive West of Amsterdam, riders will be treated to perfect mega-looping conditions.

"When Mother Nature will show her skills, we'll ask you to show us yours. There is no better spot than 'The Spot' in Zandvoort in the Netherlands to fly high."

With strong fronts moving through the area in their summer, winds are guaranteed to hit 30 knots + sometime between now and the 2nd of November, so between now and then the 16 kiteboarders will be on standby. While they're free to continue their travels of the globe in search of the best kiteboarding beaches for their sponsors, most of the riders are based in the Netherlands, so it's not far to travel when the wind shows up on the forecast. There are no Aussies in the running however!

Even without the Aussies, so to be honest don't really get decent megalooping conditions that often, the talent pool is pretty deep. To watch some of the submission videos submitted from all over the world, head over to the event website . Be prepared to see some pretty gnarly stuff though! As a taster, here's the submission from Sebastain Barg, a German rider who just missed out on a King of the Air entry, but was selected for the Mega Loop Challenge.