How to handle strong winds when kitesurfing

As a seasoned veteran of many winter sessions, w'e're all well aware of how sketchy winter kiting can be. Over the years you learn to watch the clouds, the storms, and understand the structure of fronts as they pass. You can predict the squalls and get your kite landed before you end up in a dangerous situation.

But, for all that, there will always be situations where you end up out on the water when a squall hits - there are a thousand reasons, so a few tips on how to handle the stronger winds can mean the difference between life and death.

Too many of our kitesurfing colleagues have ended up meeting various structures at high speed, and we now only have plaques to remember them. Don't join the list.

As always, make intelligent decisions when going out in winter storms - you can still be courageous, but temper it with some sound decisions - as the saying goes "Kite to Kite another day"


* thanks to CoastFlyer for finding sharing this video