How to get into Wakeskating

Wakeskating is incredibly challenging, but might just be the thing you're looking for to spice up your kiteboarding next summer...
Wakeskates are about as niche as you can get in the sport of kiteboarding, but with so few other riders choosing to ride one - they're appealing to those riders who are getting bored!

"It's something different for me, I get bored of riding the same board all the time, so it's interesting to have something like a wakeskate which is sometimes really frustrating, but in the end really rewarding when you learn new tricks"

That's Alex Lewis-Hughes, or Sir Rowdy as you may know him from the Seabreeze community. He's a judge on the VKWC (formerly the PKRA), and during his travels around the world with the world tour, he gets around on a ton of different boards. His favourite, is the wakeskate he helped design with the crew from Axis, because it's so versatile.

If you haven't seen a wakeskate before, picture a skateboard with no wheels. You can ride them behind a boat, but they're most commonly used with winches these days, but of course those things all cost money and require two people to operate. Kites are free to run, and you can do it all by yourself, so kiteskating appeals to those with no money or friends.

Just kidding, skates are heaps of fun, but many riders often ask the same questions when considering purchasing their first board.

What do I look for? Can I ride a wakeboarding wakeskate? Can you ride upwind? Why do you wear shoes? Can I ride with fins? Is it difficult?

All of these questions (and more!) are answered by Alex and his girlfriend Karolina Winkowska in her latest video diary about wakeskating.

Check it out below!