How to Untangle Inverted Kite Lines: Without Landing!

Been here? Most kiteboarders have... But it's an easy fix!
Most of us have been in a situation where after a crash, you pop up and relaunch your kite to find one, or both of the lines have all of a sudden become twisted around the other. The kite still flies ok, (not not great) and you don't want them to keep rubbing against each other. So you head for the beach, find someone to land you, undo your lines, run them out again, re-attach them, find another kiter to give you a launch, and get back out there. It's at least a 30 minute exercise, and it's unnecessary!

A forum post in the Kitesurfing forums this week reminded us of a great video about how to fix this, but first, a quick tip on preventing Kite inversions in the first place.

Kites invert for one of two reasons; they either fall out of the sky, losing tension on the lines, or they hit the water and you continue riding towards them, also losing tension on the lines. To prevent it, easy! Keep tension on your lines. Experienced kiteboarders are in the habit of edging hard into the wind after a kite crash, this gains ground upwind, and also keeps the lines tight.

But if you've forgotten the above, and emerge with a twist in your lines. Here's how to fix it, with the help of Jake Kelsick over in Antigua.