How to Kiteboard in Crazy Strong Winds with Kevin Langaree.

If ever there was the perfect candidate for a megaloop instructor, it would be Kevin Langaree right now. Out for an ankle injury, but still hanging out at Cape Town with his mates Nick Jacobsen and Lewis Crathern, he's been painfully watching as they score some of the best sessions of the year.

So this 40 knot day, Kevin heads down to the beach in somewhat of a sand storm, it's 40 knots outside, and the only place quiet and free of sand to film his VLOG is the car. That's ok though, because the car contains napkins, some repair tape, an old WOO box and a video camera. That's the makings of some instructional GOLD right there!

"One of the questions I get a lot, is "How do you hold on to such a big kite in very very strong winds?" Explains Kevin from the shelter of his car. "A lot of people stand straight up on the board, and if a gust hits you, it's going to pull you over the board even more and you might even gain a lot of speed. So what you need to do is lean back way more. Edge your board, and this way when a gust hits you it's only going to pull you up a little bit."

While that might make sense to the seasoned strong wind kiteboarder, it's best illustrated by Kevins little doll made from napkins. Watch the video below to see it in more detail, and to watch some absolutely MASSIVE kiteloops from Lewis Crathern and Nick Jacobsen (who give some not-so-helpful tips too).