How are you hitting the waves?

Kitesurfing in the Waves - Are you going for it?

The GKA tour begins next week with GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde, but before the competition starts, have you heard about the small changes to the elimination process, and what the judges are looking for on the water in 2020?

What do the judges want to see on the water in 2020:

We caught up with GKA judge Javo Santangelo and asked him what exactly it is that the judges want to see on the water in the Freestyle discipline and head judge Mallory de la Villemarque, to give us the lowdown on what the judges are looking for in the Kite-Surf discipline.


'First up is commitment in the waves, will the riders go very critical right at the start of the wave and risk a fall, or are they going to play it safe. The start of the wave is super important, that's where you get all the big points, rather than playing safe and making safe manoeuvres we want to see riders taking risks and going big right from the start. The risk factor and the commitment of the rider when performing the manoeuvres is very important in scoring, as is wave selection, especially when there is potential for big ones. Then the technicality of the maneuvers riders will be doing, will they be doing technical airs, vertical turns right in the pocket, barrels, etc. We also want to see variety within the same wave, we don't want to see every turn the same, we want to see cut-backs, massive hacks, barrels, and innovative airs. We also want to see a good flow and linking of maneuvers, how will riders work the connections in between will they just go flat or will they work their board, will they have speed?"


"Well, what we are always looking for is innovation, that's super good to see new things on the water, but what were mainly looking for is the execution, speed in, speed out, the amplitude, the power and the smoothness when the riders land. Most important though is innovation, double or triple handle passes and all with perfect execution of course!"

... and this gives you something to think about when you're out next in the waves, being the kitesurfing hero! Are you going for it at the start of the wave, or pulling back, playing safe. Are you kiting for the barrel, doing verticals or just doing endless slashes on your forehand? Satisfying, but is it as satisfying as taking some risks, getting wet, improving and making your general surf/kitesurfing better?