Ewan Jaspan Crowned 2019 Kite Park League World Champion

With his trusted setup of the Stomp and Torch , Ewan has put together a string of consistent results with podium finishes at every event proving how consistent his riding is. However the Kite Mansion Open, the final event of 2019, would prove to be the most difficult on the schedule.


"The contest took place in Icapui at the Kite Mansion resort on the NE coast of Brazil," explained Ewan. "This is the only event on the KPL schedule where the rails are all metal welded rusty handrails, which really changes the game. The riders who generally do well on the easy boxes in the US events, don't always do so well at this one. This may have been one of the reasons some riders choose not to attend this stop, as it is far more technical, challenging and risky than the other events. Having said that, the wind is amazingly steady and the warm water and perfect conditions do help."

Moving into finals day a pulled muscle which occurred while warming up would give Ewan another element of adversity. "I took a back edge after the wind dropped out mid kicker hit and whipped my arm over my head," said Ewan. "At this point I was winning the final by a few points, but I was unable to stay hooked in between the two features, due to my arm, in the final line and ultimately got docked 1 point." Luckily a second place finish would suffice to pull off the win and secure the KPL World Title.

"It feels great after being Vice World Champion through 2017 and 2018 to finally finish 1st in 2019. I'm super proud of myself to keep such consistency and not finishing lower than 2nd place since 2016 in a KPL event. It's something I've always dreamt of," said Ewan Jaspan.

After spending nearly 6 months on the road Ewan now heads home to Australia for some much needed R&R but expect to see more projects coming from the champ in the future.

Photo Credit: Andre Magarao