Disappear with Pete Cabrinha, Keahi and Chapter One.

While out filming with the crew from Chapter One, Keahi De Aboitiz and Pete Cabrinha scored some incredible kiting conditions in Fiji, on board the Cabrinha Quest.

The Cabrinha Quest is an initiative by Cabrinha to get people kiteboarding in some of the most remote islands in the world. The catamaran sails most of the year, stopping to pick up supplies and new passengers in a five year long trip full of nothing but kiting. Sound familiar? The Best kiteboarding guys did it several years ago, on the same boat actually, then called the Best Odyssey. During that trip they circumnavigated the globe stopping wherever there was wind, waves and beautiful scenery. What a life! Over the years they've travelled 54,000 miles and visited more than 50 countries, not only seeing what's possible with a kite, but sharing the sport of kiteboarding with many.

But behind the pretty photos and great videos, is some behind the scenes action that's too good to miss.

"That was a session I'll never forget" Narrates Keahi, "There were so many amazing moments in the trip, but for me I think the best moment was the session that me, Pete and Ben shared on the first day of the big swell. There was a few guys surfing, and a few guys kiting. It was fun, but there was a few too many guys in the water. When it all cleared out that afternoon and it was just us three, trading off 6-8ft Perfect Cloudbreak Barels."

Step on board the Cabrinha Quest with Keahi and Pete, to see what it's like for a week of kiting in Fiji…