Could this be the ultimate all-round kite? Ozone Enduro V2

The all-round kite you've been waiting for, is finally here! After years of research, design, and testing - Ozone have just released the Enduro V2, their most versatile kite yet.

You name it, and someone's done it with the Ozone Enduro. It's an all-round kite which can be used for any discipline, in any condition and by any rider, from a beginner on day one of their lessons, to professionals and every day riders.

Why is it so versatile? Ozone have always favored clean lines and simplicity over bells and whistles, the Enduro continues the trend, designed on their own CAD software called OZ-CAD, and featuring a pulley-less bridle system with variable geometry (using knots), light weight construction and load distribution panels to keep your kite flying like new for many seasons.

Changed from the previous version is the construction of the struts, they've been sewn together in a different way to provide enhanced canopy support and improve stability when depowered. The Leading edge has also been modified with tapered wingtips to reduce tip bounce - producing a smoother ride, and a firmer feel through the bar when it gets gusty.

So if you've ridden the Ozone Enduro V1, and liked it, you'll LOVE the new Ozone Enduro 2 . If you never got to ride the V1, then what are you waiting for!? Head down to your local Ozone Dealer and grab a demo, they're in stock now!