Convertible Kite Racing CR:X brings one-design to kiting

The characteristic 'target' logo says it all, kiteboarding is getting a one-design class, and it might just have legs…

Legs in the metaphorical sense of things, and in the fact that said 'target' logo is printed on a hydrofoil - CR:X stands for Convertible (something something) and these boards are capable of being races either on the foil, or off - with a fun all rounder kite for every day use.

Of course the logo is that of Neil Pryde, windsurfing giant, maker of the one design Olympic windsurfing class the RS:X and sailmaker for the one design 49er class, 29er class and a whole lot more sails. They know that when it comes to market domination, it's best to have it in ink, and a one design class puts pen to paper on what racers must buy in order to enter the completion.

So far the class is in its infancy, with the first test event being held last week with a select few riders on supplied gear, but here's the basic idea of the 'convertible concept'.

The kites, are always the same. Three strut, medium aspect, they actually look like a really fun little kite for freeriding with. The boards, are a twintip hybrid which works as both a large sized twintip (totally suitable for learning on!) and a hydrofoil. When racing in twintip mode, the racers have a series of inflatable obstacles to jump over, and a reaching course around a couple of markers. It's a beach start with small groups of racers to keep things tangle-free. With the foils, it's a full on racing environment with windward leeward courses and the usual affair of a 5 minute countdown on the water for starting.

Pricing for the equipment hasn't been released yet, but considering the makeup of the kites, boards and foil. It's going to be FAR cheaper than a current race setup of around 10k, perhaps even half of that at $5000 for a single kite, and the board. With such a low price for entry, Neil Pryde will be hoping that sailors will flock to the class in droves, learning on the very same gear that they'll be racing with in the future.

As it all gets started, you can keep up with the class on social media, but we'll be bringing you all the latest as this exciting new development gains traction in the kiteboarding world.