Bridge Bro's Break World Sailing Record on Kites

While the board might look like a bit of wood with a flag painted on it, that foil under the water is a record breaker...

The Bridge Brothers, and their mum Steph have just broken a World Sailing Record over in the UK, by sailing around around the Isle of Wight on kite hydrofoils.

2 hours, 32 minutes and 25 seconds was the time, with Guy Bridge only narrowly edging out his brother Ollie by 2 seconds! Setting off just before lunch, Ollie was leading by a healthy margin for most of the race when he hit a sandbank. Luckily not damaging his foil, the big problem became getting off the shallow sandbar, costing him 10 minutes (and nearly 4nm!), where Guy caught up. The pair were locked in a drag race to the finish, with Guy managing to hold off Ollie by just two seconds in the end to take the world record.

Mum Steph was 30 mins behind, getting stuck in a fierce battle between the Mod 70 ‘Concise’ which was out training for this weekends J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race. The super maxi trimarans are about as fast as a yacht can be, themselves getting close to records on this publicity race staged in the leadup to the ‘Round the Island Race’.

Now, it’s back to training for the world record holding racers, who are all competing in the world tour right now..