Boosting to the moon with Josh Emanuel

Only a few weeks after showing off Josh Emanuels insane entry for the Red Bull King of the Air, he’s scored another session in Cape Town which broke all his records.

Now standing at 29m, the Woo record for the highest kiteboarding jump is held not by Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow or any of the pro’s you heard. It’s this guy, Josh Emanuel.

If he hadn’t won a wildcard entry to the Red Bull King Of the Air already, this might get him there.

Imagine you’re standing there with your kite at zenith, on standard length lines, and watching a guy go floating over your kite. Not just but a smidge, but soaring over it with 5m clearance. That’s that Emanuel just did. Insane.

Watch a few of the big ones in the video below!