Behind The Scenes: A Kiteboarding Product Shoot

No kiteboards were injured in the making of this photo...
It’s not every day you get to see behind the scenes of a kiteboarding photoshoot, but this year Cabrinha have gone all-in - showing us not only how they filmed their 2018 product videos, but made an entire movie itself out of it!

If you’ve seen any of Cabrinha’s promo stuff already, you no doubt understand what they’re all about this year. It’s not serious kiteboarding, although their riders have serious moves. Cabrinha are choosing the ‘fun’ aspect of the sport to showcase, and when you see how they filmed it all, you will be wishing you were part of their crew.

There is no shortage of light wind tricks in this one, from jumping off stand dunes, to ridge soaring off cliffs. Fence riding, boat jumping, riding multiple boards, and one board with multiple people riding it. And a lot of trees. Both with people in them, kites in them, and a few that manage to avoid people and kites altogether. There aren’t many of those however.

Filmed in Hawaii where the wind is strong and the spots are famous, you'll notice the crew riding in all the usuals. Up on the North Shore of Oahu where the now infamous Top Hat video was recorded. Kite Beach on Maui, which stars in almost every kite movie ever made. There's some secret spots there too, and the wind doesn't always cooperate. But as Moona Whyte says: "Oh well... At least my kite's pretty!"

Scattered throughout the fun, games and trickery is some pretty special riding from the Cabrinha Team, and all of their 2018 equipment. It’s a great watch at nearly half an hour long, so grab a beverage and check it out.