An Interview With the Boot Guru: Clinton Filen from Airush

 Next time you’re wondering why a set of bindings cost what they do, take a look at the picture below and ask yourself – how many man hours would it take you to construct a bindings from these parts?

Kiteboarding bindings are incredibly complex pieces of equipment, with hundreds of parts and design features that set them apart from wakeboarding bindings. Not only do they get ridden for longer, they’re dragged through the sand, salt water and left in the sun. Then there’s the simple fact that we don’t ride like a wakeboarder does.

Airush get it. Brand Director Clinton Filen gets it too. So when he was designing the the new bindings program for Airush, he started from scratch.

“We started from a very solid platform of knowledge with a very inspired team of developers and testers and over the last few years have continued to refine every detail possible.” He explains.
“We have a philosophy of working to make products twice as durable as our competitors.”

Read the full interview with Airush’s boot design guru Clinton Filen, to get an inside look at how a set of KITEBOARDING bindings are made.