A Snowball in the Face, and a Kite on the Side of the Road..

The landscape in South Dakota is barren, beautiful and bloody cold. There’s plenty to see, unexplored places to kite on the side of the road, and an insane little lake to go foiling in.

“Just the raw beautify of this place is nothing you can imagine until you come here. We figured this spot would be great to test the new wetsuits because we have all kinds of crazy weather conditions here.”

A team of three from NP, Neil Pryde’s accessory division went to Dakota expecting it to be cold, but returned having had an experience like no other. Nick Jacobsen, usually found jumping off very high objects with his kite, had to stay grounded this time. Instead, he found a puddle on the side of a highway to kite in, with a stunning backdrop. He also took to a small lake with a 14m FX and hydrofoil, helped out by his friends for a launch, he gets a couple of runs across it, again, with the backdrop of no other than Mount Rushmore.

There’s paddling, snow shenanigans and of course, spectacular landscape videography in this clip. Called Dakota, by the team at NP - you can watch it right here.