3 New Constructions for Airush Lithium

In 2018, Airush have taken their stand-out all rounder model the Lithium, and produced it in three constructions. There's something to suit every rider! So far only the Lithium comes in the new constructions, but then again it's the most suitable for the program due to it being the most all-round kiteboarding kite in the Airush lineup.

At the premium end, is the Airush Lithium Core. Designed for riders who spend a lot of time on the water, or those wanting all the bells-and-whistles that Airush offer - this construction features Tejin Technoforce D2 ripstop and Airush's exclusive Dyneema load frame technology.

The middle ground, for those wanting to save a bit of cash for beer after each session, is the Lithium Progression SPS. This kite still uses industry leading Tejin Technoforce D2 ripstop, but lacks the Dyneema load frame.

Then, for those either drink a lot of beer after a session, or who need a top quality kite at the cheapest price - comes the Lithium Progression. This kite has similar performance to the Lithium Core, but saves the pennies by using Tejin T9600 Ripstop, and taking off the one-pump system. That saves weight too, so it's perfect for lighter riders or light winds!

Not only have the kites construction changed, but the kite bags too. This year, in conjunction with Airush and sister company Starboard, the bags are made from fabric produced by a company called Waste 2 Wear. They take plastic bottles and recycle them to make fabrics blending natural and synthetic materials - for kite bags, clothes - lots of stuff!

Check out their promo video below, to see the new Airush Lithium in action.