2018 Cabrinha Teaser Video! New Colours, Crazy tricks.

Simple colour schemes for Cabrinha in 2018!
This year Cabrinha are taking their graphics back a notch, choosing some pretty tame colour schemes. That hasn’t stopped their riders from getting out there any trying some of the craziest tricks you’ll see in kiteboarding.

One thing that sets the Cabrinha team apart this year is their attitude towards fun kiteboarding. Keahi and Nick Jacobsen are the two kiteboarders leading the charge, with a list of silly little tricks a mile long. Like taking a bite of a sandwich, with the person holding the sandwich standing on a moving boat, and the kiteboarder in mid air. Yep, that kind of stuff, and Cabrinha aren’t afraid to show this funny, light hearted side of the sport.

It’s not all about having fun. Some people are serious about their riding, and Cabrinha’s 2018 Teaser video has something for them too. If you’ve even wanted to learn how to get a barrel while kiteboarding, there’s some good inspiration here. Same if you’ve been dreaming of making your first 720 handlepass. Some of the worlds best are on Cabrinha this year, and they’re all here using the new gear.

What do you think of their new colour schemes and designs? All of their kites look very light weight and aerodynamic this year, so if you’re keen to see how they ride – drop by your local dealer this week and take one of their demo’s for a spin!