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  19 January 2020

Safety Bay, WASafety Bay, WA

Proposed TT racing Sunday 19th JanDue to increase in numbers, and the risk of collisions, we are going to:
Have 2 fleets- 1. Men's (women welcome) & 2. Females (Learners, male or female welcome)
Change the course to stretch the competitors out, and make tacking from the finish to the start easier.
Buoyancy aids are required, request competitors wear a helmet please.
Sign on from 12:45pm, closes at 1:45- give us time to get the briefing done, and get the start and rescue boats out.
Racing should start at 2:30pm. 4 or 5 races depending on conditions. LEI kites only, unless there is little wind, and we do a foil race- then any kites you like.