World Kitesurfing Speed Record Broken!!!!

Tiny board. Tiny kite. Tiny patch of water. These kiters are going well over 100kmph! Pic: Greg Beneteau
Think foil racers go fast? Think again! A small group of speed sailors have just broken the world speed record in France, hitting 57.97 knots in wind averaging only 50 knots.

Alexandre Caizergues has been working on this for years, after missing out on a few big days he managed to break the 57 knot mark not once, but three times on the 14th November.

“I'm very, very happy. This new record is the result of a lot of work in training and with my technical partners. We had a gold team in the organization of this crazy session. I would like to thank all the staff of salt and speed, the test partners and my own support. Salt and speed continue until early December. The 60-Knot bar isn't far.”

While the kiteboarders aren’t yet close to the absolute world speed record of 65.45 knot set by the Vestas Sail Rocket, the fact that they are getting more opportunities to break the record might just be the thing that gets them over the line. One day of 60 knots, and they’ll do it, any one of the 10 fastest guys will do it. They just need the day!

Kites are much easier to set up, cheaper to buy, need less space for a speed run and arguably, are far less technical than the hydrofoiling yachts like Sail Rocket. They’ve become the craft of choice for those who like to go fast, yet the speed kiting fraternity remains small.

As the racers warm down after such a huge day, they’re already on the lookout for the next big storm to hit the speed channels in France or Namibia. The 60 barrier is near, and they’re hungry for it!