A Hipsters guide: Keeping a beard out of your depower cleat!

Alex Campet. Self confessed French hippie and well traveled kiteboarder, lives in a van and does cool things with a kiteboard. He’s one of the few pro kiters around with a beard too, which makes his videos a little different.

He’s the guy behind the hilarious spoof of Hannah Whiteleys video

' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>‘Essence’ a few years ago when he was riding for LF and Tona; which cannot be unseen, so beware! He’s also made one called Hippie Kitesurfing, and started his own series called Merci Bonsoir, featuring him dressed in a batman costume picking up a hitchhiker and rolling down the hill on a drift trike with leaves up his nose.

This time there’s no pink bikinis and slow motion hair flicks. There’s just a series of entertaining clips from his recent adventures in Tarrifa, where the wind blew, the water was flat and the parties were wild. He’s now riding gear from Zeeko, including a neat little wakeskate and some pretty durable boards by the look of it. He puts them through the ringer, bounding off gate posts and using fences as sliders – it’s all in the name of a bit if fun through – so check it out!