Kiteboarding the biggest waves in the world

Just a couple of weeks after Jason Polakow proved that Nazar? was possible to windsurf, a kiter has done it, scoring kite-high sets at the famous big wave break in Portugal.

Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo, a local from Portugal was ready and waiting when this weeks storm hit the shores of Nazar?. Well known in the surfing world, the break uses an underwater canyon that funnels the energy from nearby storms in the Atlantic, producing spectacularly high waves. Usually these waves come with light winds, or the direction is off, or there are too many surfers out. But on this day, everything lined up for Stru, and he launched his little Best Cabo and gave it a shot.

In waves like this you can't turn, you can't get barrelled, and there is no such thing as a cutback. It's a one way ride, down the face and away from the whitewater. Like that level in Crash Bandicoot, the giant rolling stone just keeps on coming, and you've got to run.

Watch this kiteboarder tackle some of the biggest and most powerful waves in the world, at Nazar?, Portugal.