Travelling to Bali - some Trip Tips

Here are a few tips to help you if you plan on going to Bali to Kite.

Getting there

Fly direct to Denpasar if you can and avoid airlines that take you via Singapore or Malaysia. These make the trip long and harsh.

Book early - the ealier you book the better deal you will get on your airfare.
Virgin are offering great flights this year for around $650 from Brisbane.

Weight -
Taking your kites can be an expensive addition to your trip if you get hit with excess baggage.
Make sure you read your baggage restrictions especially weight and length of luggage.
Excess luggage is now a great way for discount airlines to add extra revenue so be prepared to pay if you are over.
If you can pre purchase extra kilos eg Jetsar charge $60 for 5 kg which is better than $20 per kilo at the checkin.
Take one board bag with the minimum you need all packed together and get this under 20 or 25 kg
Take everything else in a large day pack on board. Take minimum clothes - just but some stuff there its cheap.
Pack heavy items like fins, spreader bars in your day pack.

Boards -
Dont take more than 3  surfboards into Bali as the think you are selling them and will charge you $100 us per board at customs.

Best time for wind.
June through to August -

East Coast - Head to Sanur
There is a large flat water lagoon inside the reef that is very conducive to learning and improving your riding.
There are waves out the back but wind is prety onshore but it can be fun.
The lagoon is tidal so you need to check tides.
There are 2 schools that operate here that also hire gear.
For those of that are going to Bali on a short trip or as part of a general holiday I would go to one these schools and rent rather than take your own gear.
More info on Sanur -
Jankie has a shop right in the shopping area of Sanur and has spares and can arrange repairs overnight. This is a great resourse if you have issues.

West Coast - Kuta side
Wind around Kuta is pretty offshore but as you head down north the coast swings around and goes side shore.
Best  for kiting waves is Cangu. Its about 40 mins drive in a taxi from Kuta.
This is a reef break that is pretty fat and has good lefts.
It is now becoming popular for wave kiting so expect a bit of a crowd and be prepared for some idiots who don't understand surf rules.
Wind usually comes in at lunch or just after. Can be gusty not recommended for inexperienced kiters. If you swim here it can be an issue with the rocks and headland downwind.

General tips
Credit cards are ok but do have cash Cash - take some Australian $ to change but there are ATMS in Kuta area. Be careful of money chagers they tend to try to rip you off. It is easier to use an ATM.

Make sure you have a valid passport There is a visa charge when you arrive in Denpassar airport - aprox $25 usd- have some Australian cash avail. There is a visa charge when you depart in Denpassar airport - aprox $25 usd

Drugs - Don't bring anything - unless you want to pay Chapelle a visit. Be careful when you are visiting night clubs as you will get offered extasy and marihauna but it is way too dodgy as there are police who try to set stings so they can extort you.

Driving -Use taxis or drivers -
If you hire a motor cycle wear a helmet and carry small amounts of cash to pay for bribes to get out of fines - You are supposed to have an international license so they love to pull you and demand a bribe. - Just pay something and get away.
Phones and internet - Mobiles do work - but it is expensive. The best thing to do buy a local sim card to use while you are there.
I copped a $400 phone bill for a 2 week trip last yearas I used my phone a bit. So be careful.