Should I join a kiting association?

In Australia, the association is called "AKSA", with sub associations in each state.

Some of the things that AKSA and affiliates can do, with your support:

Parties, BBQ's and Events:

Great get togethers are organised every year by the fantastic band of devoted volunteers - they get sponsors involved, get council approval, schedule events and generally setup a great time for kiters to come along to and enjoy.    Kitesurfing is a social sport and the kiting associations excel at bringing people together.


Check your state association - you'll find various discounts from sporting goods to rental cars

Save Your Beaches:

Sometimes, local councils don't understand kitesurfing, or a few "bad eggs" cause problems so the council want to close the whole beach to all kitesurfers.  Your association has people who may be able to go into bat and help save your beach from being banned to kiting.  It's happened numerous times already.   They need your memberships fees to be able to act on these issues.


If you were to approach any insurance company in Australia and ask for Kitesurfing insurance, you'd probably get knocked back.  Because AKSA is an organisation, and because as a member you agree to follow the general safety rules, AKSA can pool resources can get all members insured.

By joining AKSA or your local state organisation, you may save yourself a heap of grief (and get free access to BBQ's, events and T-Shirts), and just as importantly, ensure that anyone you might injure might be financially compensated for any bills they rack up.   Who knows - it may be you getting injured by another kiter?    

You'll find some beaches require that you are a registered member.   For example, only WAKSA member are legally allowed to kite at Cottesloe Beach, WA.

Please join your local kiting association - visit to find your local state organisation, to confirm offers and review the most recent insurance policy terms and conditions.