Kitesurfing beginner questions

How much does it cost to start Kitesurfing?
Anywhere from $50 upwards!   Try and get recent equipment - early in the sports development, there weren't the safety features that are now available on most kites.  

How do I start?
You could probably buy a kite and learn by yourself, but you may not be around to tell people how you went!   Go through an instructor and learn safely.

An instructor will teach you how to control a kite safely, and gradually.  You'll start with smaller kites and progress upwards.  It doesn't take long at all.    Once you've got the basics, you can progress at your own speed, but the initial stage is critical that you get instruction.

What size of kite should I buy?
The size of kite that you can use depends on your weight and level, and the wind strength.   Most shops and instructors will be able to advise you on the best size for your area.  

Is it a risky sport?
Yes!   And so is driving a car.   Take care, keep your wits about you, look out for idiots and you can have a safe and enjoyable kiting life.

Do I need prior experience in any other water sport before starting kitesurfing?
No - If you've already got good board or kite skills that will accelerate your learning.    It is a very easy sport to learn to be up and having fun.

What happens when the kite falls in the water?
Modern kites are excellent at relaunching.  Tug a few lines and she's in the air again.   If you've managed to crash the kite really well, you may experience a few hiccups, which leads to the rule of "Don't go out further than you can swim in".   Whilst it's rare that your kite won't relaunch, it can happen - just be aware.

Can a kitesurfer go upwind?

How high can I jump?
The only limit is your fear and the wind strength!    You'll start off doing small jumps about 20cm and think you've touched the clouds.  After a while, fearless skilled kiters can jump 10 metres and over.

What is the ?power zone??
As you place the kite "downwind" from where you are, it will develop different amounts of "pull".   There are certain parts in the downwind area that pull stronger than others - that's why it's a good idea to get proper instruction - you don't want to learn where the powerzone is while standing on the beach!

Can I practise on land?
With a stunt kite yes.  With a water kite .. NO!  They are far too powerful and you risk serious injury.

How can I meet other kitesurfers?
Go up and say G'day!   Most kiters are friendly people - you'll get the odd idiot, but that's nothing to do with kitesurfing!  If you see kiters setting up on the beach and rock up and say hello - most will be keen for a chat while they set their gear up.   If it hasn't been windy for a while, you may notice they're a bit "edgy" and keen to get on the water as quickly as possible.

Jump in the forums and ask a few questions - we've all been through the learning stage and most people are keen to help newcomers to the sport.

Where can I get some gear?
There is literally thousands of kites and boards for sale in the Buy & Sell - click here to browse.