How to mount a GoPro in your kite...

Many people ask via email & in the kitesurfing forums about how to mount a GoPro camera in their kite. We sell the CamRig, but this is designed for your standard waterproof cameras, such as the Pentax W range (W30 / W60 / W80), and Olympus waterproof cameras.

Local kitesurfing videographer Nerk previously published his home creation for the over-the-shoulder mount, and now shares his GoPro Kite Camera mount.

Invest a couple of hours, avoid sniffing the glue, and you too can be filming from your kite!

Thanks Nerk!

In his own words:

"Here's a photo from last weekend using a GoproHD in the kite. It's a video frame (halved in size to post). They're nice cameras, although it keeps blanking out for a few seconds every time I slash across the lip of a 10ft monster. For the fogging, I just keep mine in a small plastic ziplock bag with silica gel in it when I'm not using it to keep the inards dry. GoPro inserts sound ok though.

I made this rig from left over bits of foam to strap onto the centre strut. Has an FCS plug in it, angled slightly so that it points straight down in spite of the strut angle. You can also use it to strap the camera to your forearm.

During construction...

If this is all a bit much, you can always buy the Wrist Mount adaptor, which will do the same job....but check your strut diameter first.